Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Raspberry clafoutis

Raining outside, children still on Christmas break... sounds like the perfect time to make a cake. And it better be a simple recipe, so they can participate. I made a raspberry clafoutis with frozen raspberries. We even find some fresh ones at a hefty price in wintertime, but honestly, the frozen ones work perfectly.
raspberry clafoutis

Clafoutis is usually done with cherries and a batter, a mix between pancake batter and custard. Real easy too, breaking the eggs is the hardest part....

500 g cherries, less for raspberries. I take as many as needed to cover the bottom of the oven pan.
80 g flour
125 g sugar
3 eggs
25 cl liquid cream
butter and a pinch of flour for the pan
a pinch salt

Put oven on 180 degrees C. Butter the pan and add a pinch of flour so the cake won`t stick to it. Mix flour, sugar and salt. Add the eggs and mix. Add the cream and mix. Put the cherries or the raspberries in the pan. Cover with the batter and put in the oven for 35 minutes. Wait a little bit before serving.... if you can!

If you make them with cherries, the original recipe says it should be with the pits - they add flavor and the cake looks prettier without the red color spreading too much - like it did with my raspberries! You can replace the cream with milk, no worries. Add icing sugar on top after taking it out from the oven to make pretty. I`ve seen other recipes with some vanilla sugar added.

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