Saturday, December 26, 2009

Special French Chestnut Rabbit Stew

My French husband is a great chef. He never follows any recipes, he just invents as he goes. So I don`t have a very precise idea of how he did this rabbit... by my, was it good! Our guests were in awe. He said he had fried the rabbit legs a bit to give them some color with some onion and garlic, then hop, everything in the pan and let it boil for a good while. Everything being red wine, readymade boiled chestnuts, carrots, mushrooms, laurel and thyme. The sweetness of the chestnuts were great with the rabbit.... I am used to his cooking skills, but this was something extra. That`s why I want to share it with you!Rabbit stew with chestnuts

On the side you see big mushroom hats that he filled with some olive oil, white wine, bacon and goat cheese. Five minutes in the oven. Very good indeed!

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  1. This was fantastic I made this on a cold snowy day in the UK and went down a treat will make it again, I get the rabbits from a local butcher thank you Keron


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