Saturday, January 23, 2010

Salmon and sesame seeds

Salmon with sesam seeds
Sorry about the many food postings! Really, I thought I would write about philosophy and history, but food just keeps popping up! But that's what it's like to live in France. We eat a lot of food, we talk a lot about food and we think a lot about food.

But this recipe isn't even French. It comes from a Swedish book with low glycemic index recipes for the whole family.... doesn't sound much fun, but don't worry. This is really good and fast enough for any mother with small children...

Cut fresh salmon in cubes and add some salt and white pepper. Dip them in a bowl with and egg and then in a bowl with about 1 dl of sesame seeds. Be generous with the sesame seeds! Fry the salmon cubes for 4-5 minutes (depending on their size and if you want a raw part in the middle or not). Done! Serve with whatever you like with your salmon. You can also try the same recipe with chicken, just fry them a bit longer.

If your Swedish is good enough, check out the book: GI för hela familjen by Ulrika Davidsson.


  1. Tack för perfekt middagstips! Snabbt, gott och nyttigt! Kan det bli bättre??
    Är det förresten OK att kommentera på svenska?? ;-)Jag skriver gärna på engelska om du vill det!

  2. Bientôt, c'est promis, j'essaies cette recette pour les petits et grands. Elle donne vraiment envie!!!


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