Saturday, February 20, 2010

When I get homesick - semlor

I'm almost never homesick, but one thing always make me long to Sweden. It's about now, when the windows to all the bakeries are full of semlor, a local speciality that you eat in January and February. Semla is not for the faint of heart. It's an explosion of whipped cream, almond paste and a cardamom flavoured airy bun...

So today I made some with the children. The example on the photo is okay, but maybe I could have topped it off with a bit more of that whipped cream?

I give you a link to a recipe in English if you want to make your own semlor....


  1. Miam ca a l'air trop bon !

  2. Ils ont l'air très réussi et très très bons...Bravo

  3. J'aime pas, mais c'est pour faire plaisir à ma Maman que j'aime!!!


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