Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flowers again - is it spring or something?

Flowers to plant outside

Twenty degrees and sun. Got this sudden urge to go buy some flowers.... what happened to that cool city chick? As we entered the flower place, my son, still at home from school with his pneumonia and antibiotics, said null, c'est null! Null means zero, and in plain language it stands for something that is worthless, bad, boring... But he cheered up when he got to chose the colour of the flowers and the whole thing went pretty smoothly.

When we came home I thoroughly enjoyed myself putting these flowers in place. A broken nail and dirty hands are OK, really. I am even thinking about growing some plants, like carrots and strawberries. For the kids of course. Like a practical demonstration of nature and how it all fits together. Or maybe I am getting older? I remember my dad, in Sweden, buying those tomato seeds and having them grow indoors until they were strong enough to put outside. He spent a lot of time with those tomato plants.... so maybe it is genetic? Maybe I should not fight this urge, but accept it.

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