Monday, March 8, 2010

Susanne in Guéthary creates with real roses

The other week we had dinner at my Swedish friend Susanne's place in Guéthary. Not only is her cooking great, but she is an artist who uses real roses to create romantic works. She displays them both locally in the Pays Basque, but also in Paris - Lélia Mordoch gallery in the 6th arr - and sometimes in Sweden. The rose is one of the strongest symbols for love, she says. I use a special secret technique to keep the roses looking as fresh ones. Every work contains hundreds or thousands of roses!

Everything is floating

If you want to look at more of her work, have a look at her site Rosartis where she talks about roses and love. Or the site Artsyne, where you can rent different works of art, including those of Susanne. If you are in Guéthary and want to see her work, give her a call at 06 72 73 50 74.

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  1. Quelle idée judicieuse. C'est du travail d'artiste avec un grand A. Je m'empresse de parcourir les sites que tu proposes.


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