Monday, April 12, 2010

Asado, giant barbecue

Maybe this isn't typical for Aquitaine... but I the result was so good, I had to share a recipe with you! Take one lamb, about 14 kilos in this case, an hang it over hot coals for about six hours. Turn regularly and dab it with oil every now and then.

The result is a meat so tender, so good.... if you then add some friends, some drinks and a big sun, that makes the reicipe for a perfect Sunday afternoon....


  1. Hello Eva, regarding the recipe for how to cook the lamb, no oil is used in this matter only xipister, which is a sauce made out of white vinegar, garlic, red pepper, and arromatical herbs. It is a tipical basq product.
    That is why it taste soooooo good !!!
    Beautiful pictures....

  2. Hi Nat!
    Well Henri said it was a secret... so I didn't ask for the recipe of the sauce.... thank you!!



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