Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Signs of Spring

Flowers everywhere, the trees are richly green... can't help feeling silly to show photos of spring signs, but still... just a few, OK? Look at how this young fern still has its leaves all coiled... so tiny, so cute! The fern grow well in the shadow of the pines.

Or these spring fields. Thousands and thousands of tiny plants in straight lines.

And the young vine leaves... they looked pretty dead during winter, but now they are back

The geometry of well kept vines has always intrigued me. Even better when the leaves are tiny and light green. These are in the Bas Armagnac area in Landes.

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  1. La végétation repart mais on ne se sent guère au printemps car la pluie tombe depuis quelques jours. C'est pas très bon pour le moral...Vive le soleil !!!


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