Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mother's Day and a Poem

The card

My children usually recite a short poem on Mother's Day. They are pretty used to learning texts and poems by heart, something I can't remember doing at school back in Sweden. I think it is a very good excercice. They get used to standing up in front of their class mates and get a feeling for the rythm and rhymes of poetic language.

So this morning my almost-five-year-old stood in front of me and proudly recited the following - which I wish all mothers could have shared with me - ending with a big hug. No need to tell you my eyes where filled with tears of joy and pride.

J'ai cherché dans les poèmes ; I looked in the poems
Comment dire je t'aime ; How to say I love you
J'ai trouvé des mots savants ; I found words of wisdom
Bien trop longs pour mes cinq ans ; Much too long for my five years
Alors, j'ai cherché ailleurs ; So, I went looking somewhere else
Et j'ai trouvé dans mon coeur ; And I found in my heart
Les mots que tu m'as appris ; The words that you taught me
Quand j'étais encore petit ; When I was still little
Maman, je t'aime comme ça! ; Mother, I love you like that!
Je le dis avec mes bras ; I tell you with my arms


  1. Bonne fête Eva et bravo à Clara pour sa jolie carte et son joli poème.

  2. C'était Björn qui me l'a solennellement déclamé.... Clara m'a fait de jolis dessins, mais ils ne sont pas sur le blog.


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