Friday, August 13, 2010

Back from summer camp Camieta in Urrugne

Camieta main building

Dearest Clara is back after a whole week away at her first summer camp.... she said she missed her mother and her family, but I really missed her too!

She had a good time with different activites, most related to the sea, and a good lesson in autonomy. Let's see if she wants to go again next summer.

(She came back with lice, but to be honest I don't know if they are from Camieta or elsewhere. I am just disappointed they didn't detect them at the camp....)

Breakfast here....

Her room, shared with five other girls

Some of the elder children slept in tents.

View from the camp

After one week apart... a big hug!

We celebrated by going to the Erretegia beach

And a sandwich at the snack; where a Swedish-speaking guy works.


  1. What a nice hug!!!
    Are you sure she will go again to a summer camp, next year? ... don't think so ... lol

  2. Que d'émotions....les colos!!!


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