Saturday, September 11, 2010

11th of September... party!

Ben 10 was the theme for the party

I didn't do it on purpose but I didn't stop when I realised... that Bjorn was doing his birthday party on the 11th of September. I actually think it is good to be able to associate positively to this date. Somehow, someday.

For Bjorn this was a bad day. For a very very long time. Where are my friends? When is the party? Silly mother who sets such a late start time as 14H.... but then they finally came and all seven of them ran and jumped and climbed and searched and ate candy and cake and ran some more and then it was over. Ouf!

Concentration. Preparation the evening before. Each guest should receive a goodie bag. How many candies, how many... how do we make sure we don't miss a bag.... mathematics for real!

Thomas' father made a wildy appreciated guest show in the trampoline. Isn't it great with adults that have fun like the kids?

This climb friendly tree provided a long time of activity. A bit scary for me though...

A calm moment for Bjorn and his - I believe - best friend. The red color is natural, it comes from over 30 degrees plus running around like crazy....

Great presents!!!!

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  1. Quelle belle journée et quelle joie de voir Björn et ses copains si contents.


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