Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crayfish party

According to the tradition, Swedes have cray fish parties in August. We're not in August but close enough. Charlotte and Gerd had arranged the whole thing, including the best crayfish I have ever had, squeekingly fresh and cooked with heaps of dill from Charlottes' own garden.... we sang at least as much as we drank and were all happy!

Now I only need to find the recipe for the dessert cake that Pia had made...


  1. Hi I came over via A Taste of Garlic ... I love Crayfish .. only had it from supermarket in the UK ..

    I love France , how lucky to be living over there, I was over there in September for a few weeks, near Cahors .. and also Paris.

  2. Härligt att njuta av lite svenska traditioner även om man bor utomlands! Det ser jättefint ut!


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