Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mushroom hunting in our garden


The children wanted to go looking for mushrooms today. I was sitting in the sun with my coffee and feeling a bit lazy... but thinking again, those rains during the weekend, shouldn't they give us some mushrooms now?

We have a corner in the garden where we usually find ceps but nothing... then Clara yelled: look across the street, what a giant mushroom! She thought it looked funny, but it was a beautiful parasol mushroom, a delicacy that can reach 30 cm in height. We started looking for those and found seven beautiful ones, unluckily for us three of them on the neighbor side. Using only the hats I fried them in butter and oil and served on toast.


  1. I love Parasol mushrooms (Coloumelles)

    Easy to identify....

    Easy to cook....

    And very easy to eat!

    All the best


  2. Moi pour venir j'attends que les cêpes arrivent...Ils ont aimé les loulous ???

  3. Mais oui Armelle, ils adorent ça!!!!!!
    En fait, ils ont tout mangé, je n'ai rien eu.... snif


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