Monday, January 24, 2011

Nuit des Fignos in Bordeaux

I spent one year studying in Paris at Arts et Métiers as an exchange student. Now, twenty years later, I met up with many of my old school mates at the yearly gala organised by the Bordeaux students, Nuit des Fignos.... some had lost some hair but they were all very much like they used to be... don't know if it's good or scary, but the essence of their personalities seemed intact!!!

We started at the school in the afternoon - missing the ceremony by little but that's another story - going on to a very animated dinner and ending up with the gala in Hangar 14 by the quais in the very centre of Bordeaux. Live music with five different themes.... and crowded with beautiful girls who had taken the dress code seriously (tenue de soirée exigée)....

For those who don't know, Arts et Métiers is an engineering school that puts a lot of emphasis on team work, solidarity and traditions.

The school bar

Tradition ask for a personnalised outfit

The restaurant... what's the name again... next to Saint André...

Our gang, the Bo-190

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