Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Midsummer and marinated salmon.... a Swedish tradition

 I had made a whole Swedish menu to celebrate midsummer, an important tradition in Sweden. It shows what  you can make of the things you buy in the IKEA food shop! Marinated salmon, potato gratin with anchovies, hareng and Kalles kaviar... accompanied by an assortiment of vodkas and beer... I had also made elk meatballs (sorry I missed to take a photo).... served with cream sauce and lingonberry jam.

The salmon needs 48 hours to be ready, but it's fast to prepare... and delicious! You start with asking in the fish shop to have the filets (keep the skin) cut out from a fresh beautiful salmon. You dry them with paper and cover with 0,5 dl salt, 0,5 dl sugar, heaps of dill and a bit of white pepper. Put the two meat sides together and cover in a plastic film or a plastic bag in a container and put in the fridge for two days. Turn two times every day. When ready, take away the spices and cut in very thin slices. Enjoy! We have it with a mustard sweet sauce and potatoes...

After two days in the fridge....

Pascal doing the slicing...

Another way to serve the salmon: grated horseradish mixed with cream cheese on Swedish flatbread to form a roll...

Lumpfish roe cream on hard boiled eggs!

And the compulsory herring!!! You serve them with boiled potatoes, chopped chives and cream. And vodka.

Tastes better than it looks though...

Twelve vodkas spiced differently..

My favorite: OP!!!

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  1. Looks delicious! (There's a new Swedish shop in my quartier called Gustavia - unfortunately there's no food but lots of lovely items for home deco.)


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