Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pirat Party

The pirate theme for my sons' birthday was a no-brainer, as well as making a treasure hunt. But how do you make a treasure hunt with children who barely know how to read? I stole the idea from a friend: make photos of closed up details and let one picture place lead to another.... get them the bandana and the one eyed pirate look and the party is a given success!

I laughed a lot at seeing the hord of pirates look for leads to the treasure... and I felt very smug when our neighbor entered at the last stage: dressed as a pirate he was the one who held the old map that showed the exact position of the treasure...

Of course you recognise our mailbox!

This was the last lead....

... before meeting the old pirat...

... and getting the map!

Seven steps straight, ten to the left... but where is the treasure???

We found it!!!

Another hugely appreciated game: find a piece of candy in a bowl of whipped cream. Without using your hands.

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