Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hints, advice and help

Dave asked me in a comment if I would give him some advice for coming to Aquitaine: I'm always happy to give some help, to a reasonable extent, so please leave your email and add some details about your trip and what you are looking for!


  1. Hi Eva,

    Thank you very much.

    I have been to France twice in my life, both for business. I have been to Paris and Nice. I liked both!

    I am a writer and I want to find a place that is not too expensive, nothing fancy. A small house to rent to start with. I would need Internet connection and would like a backyard, but it's just myself and my fiance.

    I found Aquitaine through International Living. They gave a free report of places that one could live that were in fact affordable.

    First on the list was Aquitaine. When I saw your blog, I thought it looked "perfect," but I'm looking at it online.

    I was looking at Costa Rica online and the way they described it it sounded like paradise. So I went and looked. It was nice, but I would not live there!

    So, I learned and this time I'm just trying to do my homework more.

    I like the mountains but also the beach. My idea is a cottage or small house in the hills and then we could ride our bikes to the beach or make a short drive.

    Mostly my interest is the area and also since I do need Internet, is it available.

    You're Swedish and you decided, of all places, Aquitaine. I just would like to know how you picked it and not many of the others that are recommended.

    Thanks so much for any suggestions you can make.

    (You can find me on Facebook too!)

  2. Et moi je peux venir ???? Quelques adresses ???? J'en connais déjà une très bonne !!!! mais je ne vais en parler à personne...Bonne journée...

  3. hello.
    we are travelling to aquitaine for one week in august.we are coming from santander, spain.

    we'd like to see bordeaux. any other "must sees" in your opinion?? we are 6 adults and 3 kids.

    can you suggest any othe the castle wineries you talked about?

    thank you.
    monica (


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