Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Playing tennis

I talk a lot about Björn lately... he started playing tennis this autumn - like his sister and father - and we went to get some extra training yesterday. Clara was tired after playing rugby at school, so the two of us took a casual stroll along the small river. To my surprise she loves rugby!!! Rugby is an important sport in the region so it's good they get to try it out at school.

Björn played tennis with his father and showed great stamina in the warm afternoon sun.....

See the sweat rolling down his chin???


  1. Hi Eva,

    You have a beautiful blog. I was trying to find a link to email you to ask you some questions about Aquitaine. I am a writer looking for the "right" place in France to write and do my work.

    I'd never heard of Aquitaine until today. It looks beautiful, but I am concerned about affordability.

    Is there a way I can exchange emails to with you and help me with some questions?

    I live in the US so planning a trip and where I go is important.

    Thanks so much,


  2. Un futur Grand Champion....Bonne journée...


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