Monday, July 2, 2012

Midsummer at Bassilour

Sometimes you find small ethnic groups that hang on to the traditions from their old home land. Like the group of Swedes (and French) that gathered at Bassilour to celebrate Midsummer, hosted by Charlotte. A tradition that is maintained by her since 23 years now!

Everybody brought a traditional Swedish food item which made for a sumptuous buffet... afterwards we danced around the flower decorated pole and sang the best we could....


  1. A very quick email to say how much I have enjoyed your blog and how helpful I have found it in planning our three weeks away from rainy Britain. Our family of 4 are coming across on the Plymouth/ Santander ferry this Sunday, travelling along the north coast of Spain, across the pyrenees and through LES Landes and arcachon up to bordeaux and then travelling back inland, camping as we go. Your blog has been fantastic, anne and family

  2. Tank you Anne! Warms my heart to hear that my blog has been helpful for you! I wish you a great vacation! / eva


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