Monday, November 28, 2011

On repeat: Courant d'Huchet

Moments of bliss: finding a huge mushroom  - when you are in the car and driving...

Sitting down next to the Courant d'Huchet with a friend and share a coffee and some cookies... yes, I appreciated it so much the last time with the children that I brought a friend to go and explore it a bit further...

Dressed too warmly though. Needed nor the gloves, the coat or the sweater... is this November or what?

Parasol mushroom: 23 cm high; 20 cm diametre. This autumn has been heaven for mushroom lovers!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Courant d'Huchet meets the ocean

As you might know, Moliets is our favorite beach. A bit to the right of the main entrance, the protected Courant d'Huchet, an outflow from the Léon lake, meets the ocean... this gently running water is not controlled and each winter overflows on the beach, making it the biggest on the coast.

We went there for another strange 'summer' afternoon... summer but with the winter early setting of the sun...

Families, dogs and virtually not a single leaf moving. So calm.
I would have liked to say this was the end of our weekend, but we went to see the Tintin movie, which according to the children was a perfect end to our weekend...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The amazing Holzarte bridge

The Holzarte bridge was cast across the Olhadubi canyon as early as 1922 by two Italians that were interested in exploring the forest. (It was rebuilt in 2010 after the storm Xynthia had damaged it).

About 180 metres above the ground, I thought it would impress my children. And me. I suffer from vertigo and I honestly wasn't sure I would be able to cross the bridge....

This is mid-november but with unusually high temperatures (around 22 I believe). The hike was extra, the beauty of the landscape was only enhanced by the autumn colors and the lack of leaves. It took us an hour to get up to the bridge, partly on a steep path with slippery stones, with a couple of breaks to drink and have some chocolate... my children are launching their hiking careers and I find it very important that they connect hikes with pleasure!

(The path is not protected at all and most of the time it lies on the brink to precipices... at the same time it is pretty large and it didn't feel too dangerous). 

The first part longs the river

Steady upwards...


Do you see the bridge?

The white dot: my son

Picnic time

Going back on slippery stones

You start the hike from Logibar, 8 km after Licq in the Soule Valley in the Pays Basque.

Mushroom hunting in our garden

We were forced out of our usual mushroom hunting schemes... not in the ordinary corner, not next to the cherry tree but close to the fence... and well in view from our terrace. Beautiful, aren't they?
A lovely end to a unusual summer day in mid November... 23 degrees. We had earned an easy day after our excursion yesterday... a new post coming up soon! 
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