Thursday, March 28, 2013

Great skiing in Saint Lary!

Only slightly off topic and almost after the season is over.... just wanted to share that we have spent a total of six totally wonderful days in Saint Lary this year! The children are getting more and more confident and we even went to some red slopes... great fun for me!

Saint Lary is just outside the limit of Aquitaine, but there are others like Saint Lary that are inside the boundaries.... if you are looking for cute mountain villages, good food and smaller, more family adapted stations, you should have a go in the Pyrénées!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Off topic: Amazone adventure

Björn with a jacaré, the brown one that can reach three meters as an adult.

Just being in the Amazonas is an adventure. The humidity of the air, the incredible greenness, the sounds.... the jungle feels like it has a life of its own, a living green....

The hero of our trip is our guide Antonio. He comes from one of the indian tribes, 8th out of 15 children, and learned to hunt and fish with his father who taught him all the secrets of the forest and how to survive there. He showed us so many plants and fruits and animals.... when the boat made an u-turn, we knew he had spotted an animal. The monkey or bird that we had problems seeing even after he pointed out where to look! He made us look closer at all those details that make the Amazonian rain forest so fascinating!

We stayed in Juma Lodge, an eco lodge situated 100 km south of Manaus in Brazil.

I had almost 1000 photos after our days here.... so choosing a few of them was difficult...
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