Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PS: Jämtland, up north

We went further north too.... to visit my family in Strömsund and östersund. The winter is long, cold and dark, but when summer comes, it's like nature tries to compensate. Summer is so lush, so overwhelming, so full of sun!

My uncle and his wife took the trout they had fished and warm smoked it for us. Delicious! I had tried warm smoked salmon on Ålö, this was something different!

When you look at the landscape here and all the pine trees, you might have a guess to why Les Landes and their pine trees feel so good to me...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Off topic: Ålö in the Stockholm archipelargo

We spent a week on the island Ålö..... in a small cabin of 15 m2, with no running water and no electricity (solar panels to give us light for the lamps) and a dry WC outdoors...

Maybe the lack of modern facilities was part of it, the magic we lived that will make this week such a happy memory.

No TV, no Nintendo, no times to watch, just wake up with the sun and spend time together, discover the island and play cards in the evening.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Midsummer at Bassilour

Sometimes you find small ethnic groups that hang on to the traditions from their old home land. Like the group of Swedes (and French) that gathered at Bassilour to celebrate Midsummer, hosted by Charlotte. A tradition that is maintained by her since 23 years now!

Everybody brought a traditional Swedish food item which made for a sumptuous buffet... afterwards we danced around the flower decorated pole and sang the best we could....

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cazenave pastry

When I pass the Cazenave bakery in Saint-Paul-les-Dax, I always stop to take some bread. And pretty often I will pick up some pastry. Like today, to celebrate.... that is is Sunday ... the weather is great ... that on Thursday the summer vacation starts for the children?

Any excuse is a good one!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Co(o)rniche, design restaurant in Pyla-sur-Mer

La Co(o)rniche in Pyla-sur-Mer has been on my wish list for a while, since I heard about this place designed by Starck and set by the sea next to the Dune de Pyla... so when our friends suggested lunch there I was thrilled! And as you can see by the photos, we were not disappointed...

(Smart with a mirror so everyone can have a view of the ocean!)

Afterwards we went for a windy stroll in Arcachon.

When only the best is good enough

My sweetheart husband prepared a Valentine surprise for me.... a romantic getaway at Hotel de Palais in Biarritz. I've dreamed of going there for such a long time, but I was more hoping for a coffee or lunch, just to get a look inside that impressive and beautiful building... not to stay the night and have dinner...  So if you have  the budget, it is definitively worth it. The service is excellent, they know how to be very attentive and still put you at ease and all the rest is over the top.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gourmet hiking with donkeys in Irouléguy

We had such a perfect day in Irouléguy with Charlotte and some donkeys!

First we went to pick up the donkeys, then she showed us how to prepare them. Björn got Craquette, a very hungry donkey that kept munching whatever flower or herb that passed by, and Clara got Caramel, a very calm and gentle donkey. 

The weather was overcast and not really warm, but this was perfect for us out walking. There was no wind and the calm of the hills was very soothing. The scenery was as lush as it ever is here in the beginning of summer. I was very happy to get to know this little corner of the Basque country... so beautiful...

Walking with donkeys is perfect in many ways. They can carry your things or picnic or child... for us it was lucky, because Bjorn would have had problems walking the whole 15 km we did in one day. (You can also chose to take off on your own with a detailed map).

After about half the distance we stopped to have lunch in a cidrerie. I love picnics, but this was indeed the luxury version of hiking! Many thanks to Charlotte who was an excellent guide for us. She loves this place and she loves her donkeys! 

You find her on this site: Escapanes.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Off topic: North of the Arctic Circle

Very much off topic if I want to tell you about my trip north of the Arctic Circle. Read on if you are curious, maybe to see what April looks like in that part of the world.... visiting my cousin Fredrik, his wife and family.

This is Björn driving a snowmobile...

When we get to Luleå in the north of Sweden, my cousin Fredrik comes to pick us up at the airport. The day after we go further north for three hours, passing the Arctic Circle. When the road ends, we continue on snowmobiles on the frozen lake, until we reach the hunting cabin that Annas' parents own in Västerfjäll. A place outside time, to reconnect with a simpler life with no TV, no Internet and barely no mobile network coverage. A place to spend time together, go fishing and spend time outside. And eat reindeer, trout and salmon...

These photos show how fun winter can be.... when you have the right clothes and the right attitude.

Thank you all for letting us visit!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cherry tree in bloom

Like everybody else, I post photos of flowers... this is our cherry tree blooming!
The birds are singing like crazy....

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