Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gourmet hiking with donkeys in Irouléguy

We had such a perfect day in Irouléguy with Charlotte and some donkeys!

First we went to pick up the donkeys, then she showed us how to prepare them. Björn got Craquette, a very hungry donkey that kept munching whatever flower or herb that passed by, and Clara got Caramel, a very calm and gentle donkey. 

The weather was overcast and not really warm, but this was perfect for us out walking. There was no wind and the calm of the hills was very soothing. The scenery was as lush as it ever is here in the beginning of summer. I was very happy to get to know this little corner of the Basque country... so beautiful...

Walking with donkeys is perfect in many ways. They can carry your things or picnic or child... for us it was lucky, because Bjorn would have had problems walking the whole 15 km we did in one day. (You can also chose to take off on your own with a detailed map).

After about half the distance we stopped to have lunch in a cidrerie. I love picnics, but this was indeed the luxury version of hiking! Many thanks to Charlotte who was an excellent guide for us. She loves this place and she loves her donkeys! 

You find her on this site: Escapanes.

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