Saturday, May 5, 2012

Off topic: North of the Arctic Circle

Very much off topic if I want to tell you about my trip north of the Arctic Circle. Read on if you are curious, maybe to see what April looks like in that part of the world.... visiting my cousin Fredrik, his wife and family.

This is Björn driving a snowmobile...

When we get to Luleå in the north of Sweden, my cousin Fredrik comes to pick us up at the airport. The day after we go further north for three hours, passing the Arctic Circle. When the road ends, we continue on snowmobiles on the frozen lake, until we reach the hunting cabin that Annas' parents own in Västerfjäll. A place outside time, to reconnect with a simpler life with no TV, no Internet and barely no mobile network coverage. A place to spend time together, go fishing and spend time outside. And eat reindeer, trout and salmon...

These photos show how fun winter can be.... when you have the right clothes and the right attitude.

Thank you all for letting us visit!

The iron cooking stove 

Being together, the old-fashioned way

Our host Sigvard

And his wife Birgitta

Kids off to play on the frozen lake

A snow grouse

Seal skin shoes

Fishing for perch

Relaxing on reindeer furs

Playing in the snow

The cabin

The Laplander village church

8-year-old with his own snowmobile (since he was five)

Clara driving the toy snowmobile

Clara driving

Björn driving

No photo makes the landscape justice...

Excellent drinking water in the lake

Home fished trout

Cooling down after the sauna

Food and good company

Relaxing and waiting for food on reindeer furs

Preparing coffee

First fish out of six (perch)

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