Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Breathtaking walk along the Basque Coast (Guèthary - St Jean de Luz)

What an incredible day we spent here, doing part of the Sentier Littoral, a walking lane along the Basque coast stretching from Bidart to Hendaye.  We had to stop many times in awe... as one viewpoint after another opened before us.

 If you like the pictures, let me just tell you that they only show part of the beauty of this trail. The immensity of the sea and the sky here is bound to impress you.

We started with lunch in Guéthary at the Bar Basque.

We pretty immediatly started with this stony part of the path.

I was afraid the children would get hurt on the stones, but they thought it was great fun to find their way on them.

Then we came to this pretty beach with stony sand and few people.


By the way, this is what the sign looks like.

Sometimes we walked in a soothing shadow, more protected than I thought.

Then it opens up again....

Behind us, the Rhune mountain.

A break for refreshments!

We are close to Saint Jean de Luz now and we see some houses and walk a short while on the streets.

This is the final destination, the Bay of Saint Jean de Luz with the Rhune mountain in the back.

A well deserved icecream for our little walkers. 2,5 hours including breaks and time to admire the views.

The beach is more crowded than we are used to in Landes, but we go to the right and find a calmer spot to swim and relax. We enjoy the view of the bay...

... until it is time to walk through the city to the train station to get a bus back to our car. But we actually end up going by taxi!

An incredible day in many ways.

The total length from Bidart to Hendaye is 25 km and around 7 hours are needed to do the whole length.
You can enter at several points to do part of it. The path from Bidart to Saint Jean de Luz is 13 km, so I think we walked 7-8 km as we started in Guéthary.

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