Monday, October 4, 2010

Sweet October day at Pyla, Arcachon....

Almost 30 degrees the whole weekend... an incredible Saturday (with my husband working with the barbecue) ending with boeuf de Chalosse on the plancha and a lukewarm evening on the terrace... really felt like high summer time.

We spent Sunday around Arcachon. First lunch in Arcachon and then - my daughter has been asking for this whole summer - we went to Dune de Pyla again. The skies were grey but this place is still amazing....

First lunch at Café de la Plage. Oysters of course!

And the traditional sausage to accompany the oysters. At least that is what they do here in Arcachon.

I had a lovely whole dorade.

This is the place.

You can have just a drink too.

The beach in front of the restaurant, in between the two piers where the sightseeing boats take off.

My husband gazing out over the sea.

Kids were swimming!!! Adults too.

Here we are at the top of Dune de Pyla in Pyla-sur-Mer. The most visited tourist attraction in Gironde, well worth the trip.

The sky was grey but at times the sun shone through.

What a play area! But also adults were rolling down the sandy hill, running like crazy, jumping to make spectacular photos....

Here comes the sun. Only lasted a short while but wow....

The trees down there looked very small from over 100 metres high up.


  1. Elle est magnifique cette dune de Pyla... Mais il faut être courageux !

  2. bonjour Eva !!!
    nous étions en face ... au cap ferret !!!

  3. On ne sait pas où aller à Toussaint alors peut-être que les dunes seront notre lieu de prédilection...Superbes photos Eva...

  4. Flo, fallait voir les enfants courir en haut et en bas... après la descente finale ils ont demandé de remonter pour le refaire... increvables je le dis!!!

    Noelle, on aurait pu se faire un coucou alors!

    Armelle, merci ça fait plaisir si tu as aimé les photos. La lumière de cette journée était pas facile, une sorte de grisaille claire... j'adore cet endroit!


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