Saturday, December 4, 2010

Playing on the beach in sunny Anglet

 I heard there is some snow in Sweden right now... we sort of almost had some and as we arrived in Anglet I saw that the Rhune and the mountains around where covered in snow!

We had crêpes and then headed for the beach. Around 12 degrees and very calm... the children played for hours... we were on two of the eleven beaches in Anglet: Sables d'Or and Chambre d'Amour (the ones closest to Biarritz, so you see the lighthouse of Biarritz in the background).

The walking lane along all eleven beaches, around five km I would guess. Walk, sit or jog!

The pier that separates the beach Sables d'Or from Chambre d'Amour.

Must admire the young guys going out with their surf school. Heard water was still OK, around 13 degrees...

The other beaches are sandy but the children had alot of fun with the stones on this one.


Almost like a painting...

On top of the pier.

Surprised by a wave. His trousers are wet almost up to his knees!!!! Didn't bother him though.

To be honest I kind of saw it coming...

Can we go home now? Mum is getting tired...

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