Monday, June 6, 2011

Climbing kids in Moliets

Clara got very jealous when she understood that I had been to Adrenaline Parc with my girlfriends... you went there without me? Really? (See Climbing Mamas or Monkey tree business, their first visit)
So I took both of them there - to the child version at two metres height - and they just loved it. Like they did last year. (And we checked it Clara was tall enough to do the adult version (accompanied) but she was a tiny bit short... so we'll see next year...


More difficult than it looks!

Their favorite: the spider web labyrinth!

And this is the adult version! (the monitor said it was ok for them to go there)

Very adult! You jump from 9 or 12 metres height down on the... air mat??!! Clara looked at it for a long time, declaring she wanted to try it... but I told it would be for next year. And once up there, I'm not sure she will be as brave...

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