Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PS: Jämtland, up north

We went further north too.... to visit my family in Strömsund and östersund. The winter is long, cold and dark, but when summer comes, it's like nature tries to compensate. Summer is so lush, so overwhelming, so full of sun!

My uncle and his wife took the trout they had fished and warm smoked it for us. Delicious! I had tried warm smoked salmon on Ålö, this was something different!

When you look at the landscape here and all the pine trees, you might have a guess to why Les Landes and their pine trees feel so good to me...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Off topic: Ålö in the Stockholm archipelargo

We spent a week on the island Ålö..... in a small cabin of 15 m2, with no running water and no electricity (solar panels to give us light for the lamps) and a dry WC outdoors...

Maybe the lack of modern facilities was part of it, the magic we lived that will make this week such a happy memory.

No TV, no Nintendo, no times to watch, just wake up with the sun and spend time together, discover the island and play cards in the evening.
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