Friday, April 19, 2013

Summer before time....

A heat wave made us feel like it was summer already!
We went to the beach of course.... but we were not alone to have that brilliant idea.... some kids were swimming but really, the water is still too cold.

Pictures from Moliets, our favorite beach.


  1. Hello there, its great to hear the sunshine is gracing the shores of SW France. In 35 days my son and I fly into Biarritz from England and head up the coast to Labenne. I love the region, I think it is so beautiful - the combination of the ocean, the dunes and the forest. I have bookmarked your blog & check in when I can. Take care, Lisa aka Miss Chipie x

  2. Hi Lisa! We had another great day with perfect weather today... these first days of summer are always the best.... (and the last ones, stolen at the end of September or October...) I hope you will have a great stay!!! /Eva


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