Monday, January 17, 2011

Comptoir Cuisine, new restaurant in Bordeaux

Maria and Roy came to visit us this weekend. Maria is one of those friends who first moved to Sydney - darn her - and then just recently moved to England - bless her - so when I picked them up at the airport in Bordeaux, we took a quick trip to Bordeaux to have lunch and walk around. The Comptoir Cuisine is a new restaurant next to the Regent Hotel. Open cuisine downstairs and classic restaurant upstairs. We had todays menu; delicious salmon tartar, bass and pudding.

Then we walked around and admired a Bordeaux that is always lovely, even when the weather is very grey.

Modern style in the restaurant


The fountain at Place du Parlement

Before and after!

In front of Place de la Bourse

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  1. Vivement ce week-end à Bordeaux....Bon, je pense qu'on aura pas le temps d'aller se régaler dans ce restau...


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