Friday, January 21, 2011

Kanougas from Pariès in Bayonne

A new culinary discovery! I had heard about Kanougas from Pariès, a soft kind of toffee flavored with coffee, chocolate, vanilla/almonds, chocolate/walnuts, coffee/hazelnuts.... but today was the first time I tried them out. Exquisite... The recipe is secret of course, but their softness is due to adding whipped cream... supposedly...

So if you are in Bayonne, Socoa, Saint-Jean-de-Luz or Biarritz, do make a stop at their shop and try them out! They also sell chocolate and tourons.

Chocolate flavor....


  1. Ils ont l'air très appétissants....Au plaisir d'en goûter un chez toi...A toute !!!

  2. tiens je ne connaissais pas ! cela semble fameux ! moi aussi j'ai envie d'y gouter .... a cet apres midi pour le debut des festivités !


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