Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Glimpses from the San Sebastian Carnaval

I didn't even know they had a carnaval in San Sebastian and here we walk into it after the rugby game. Seemed to be a real big thing and very family oriented - I saw lots of children dressed up! So cute!

San Sebastian is one of my favorite spots. Always animated, even in the middle of winter.

Still some daylight, we are moving towards the old centre

Here you see some beautiful buildings, in the back the carnaval procession and trees in bloom and of course a young man on a bike!

The lady is making churros.... freshly fried and hot with some sugar... fat and sugar!

I turned around to look at them and they offered to pose... see the dog?!

Twelve degrees and still the cafés and terraces are full... love it!

Danceres in the procession

The photo is bad but this was the cutest and fluffiest baby chicken I've ever seen...

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