Monday, March 7, 2011

More rugby in San Sebastian!

I'm not really much into looking at sports events. Football games, hockey, rugby. Not really interested. At all.

So maybe it's surprising to hear that I looked forward to a rugby game in San Sebastian. Bayonne - Toulouse. But what I enjoy is not the game in itself, it's about everything around, the atmosphere, being with our friends, having a beer in the sun before the game and feeling the excitement all around! This time I took the train from Hendaye (for the first time), a train that stops at the arena. Excellent! Only problem was that we were not the only ones with the same idea... so we bought sandwiches and had them while we were queuing.

The arena was full so there were more than 32 000 persons to assist the game... huge! And having Bayonne win didn't make things worse either....

Waiting for the train...

Note how good he looks with his blue and white outfit... (the Bayonne team colors)

Some live music before the game starts.

Great outfit!! (Spanish police)

Pottoka, the Bayonne team mascot.

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  1. My boys watched it on TV. I would have loved to be there!


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