Thursday, August 4, 2011

A hard work called surfing

I've written before about the adrenaline rush in surfing, the beauty of the Erretegia beach and showed surf photos of Clara and of my friends... so this time I wanted to put the emphasis on how bloody difficult and tiring it is....  The friends who tried it once last year came back this year, for a full week of training! Told you, it is addictive!!!!! And hard work.

You thought it was easy getting that darn surf out to the right spot?

They look cool, right? But they are just panting for air and pretending to be waiting for the right wave....

After two hours in the water, when you can hardly walk, then is the time to walk back AND carry the surf...

Maybe that is why surf teachers look so hot being five months pregnant????

It is nearly over. The wet suits are off. Time for picnic.

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  1. C'est SUPER.....Tu es bien plus en avance que moi...BIZZZ


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