Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas eating in France

Compared to my home country, where traditional Christmas is all about eating pig, as ham, sausages or meatballs, I found French customs quite different. In a good way! Most families serve oysters, duck liver and champagne. Then they add whatever they fancy the most, often seafood or some expensive cut of meat. The dessert is a nobrainer, always a bûche, a log, which traditionally was a very heavy cake with lots of butter
cream. Today  it can be made with icecream or a light mousse.  veuve clicquot champagne bottle

Our Christmas dinner was pretty typical French I believe. We hade lobster, deer and a bûche. My husband had planned oysters and duck liver too, but I pleaded it would be too much. We also skipped cheese - not a very French behavior - but by then everybody was too stuffed...

deer ribs uncooked

Clara got a pair of rollers among her Christmas gifts. First thing next morning she asked to try them on of course! Her grandfather stayed close to her. The wobbly start soon turned steadier and at the end she went on her own. Now I know how she will spend the next 200 hours outdoors...

girl on rollers

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