Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pyla, 114 meters high sandmountain

Pyla sand mountain

Pyla is the most visited place in Gironde with about one million visitors every year. Once you get there, on top of the 114 meters high dune, you understand why. The Arcachon basin is laid out below you in all its splendor. A truly magical place. And great fun with all this sand for both kids and adults!
The easiest access is through a stairway, but you can of course climb the sand mountain any way you please. We have been there with a three year old and with elderly people. Everybody can do it, if you take it easy.
To get there, look for Pyla-sur-Mer and signs for Dune de Pyla. If you want to try a different access, turn at the sign 'parapentes' when you follow the D112 road to Biscarrosse after the campings. It will give you a different perspective. Or you can try via La Corniche, at the south exit from the city Pyla. Signs start from boulevard de l'Océan. A nice view too, with access to the beach down below through some stairs.

stairs at Pyla sand mountain

This picture shows how high up you get - see how small the trees look!

forest below Pyla sand mountain

Tourist office Pyla information page

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