Thursday, December 31, 2009

The winecellar, part of the bare necessities?

When we bought this house, the possibility to install a wine cellar was part of the basic requirements for my husband. He knew that in the basement there was a little niche below ground level, perfect for storing wine. Under ground level means that the air keeps a natural temperature of 13-15 degrees C, perfect for wine. Wine bottles in private wine cellar

Many Frenchmen dream of building up their own stock of fine wine. The idea is to buy the most expensive wine you can afford, store it for ten years or more, and then enjoy drinking a wine you would never ever had had the money to drink otherwise!

It was easier to control my husband's winebuying before the internet existed. At that time, many of the finest bottles were bought at the castle during visits. Or at least somewhere close. Now, one click on sites like Chateauonline or Vinatis and you have 12 bottles coming home to you, nicely wrapped for safe transport....what wine lover can resist to that and a good price?

The photo shows part of the wine cellar in our basement...

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