Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bordeaux on French television

The other day there was an excellent program on TF1, one of the major French television channels, about Bordeaux. In fifteen minutes they showed many beautiful images from Bordeaux and talked about both its glorious history and modern Bordeaux. Bordeaux has a reputation to be a calm city, so I liked that they showed a more joyful and lively view of the city, by mentioning the many concert locals for example.

They also talked about the importance of Bordeaux as a harbour and how slave traffic enriched the city during the 17th century. This part has been hushed down for obvious reasons, but it remains an important part of the history of the city. Finally they talked, of course, about the wine industry. Today it faces a big crisis with 20% less in foreign sales for the 12 000 winemakers in Bordeaux.

Take a look even if you don't understand French, the pictures are very nice!
TV program on TF1 about Bordeaux

The photo shows the bridge Pont de Pierre by night.

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