Monday, January 4, 2010

Oyster love - my story

If you first associate oysters with something slimy, I don’t blame you. That was my first reaction too. But I was curious enough to try. I liked the salty smell of sea, but the taste and the texture was more... interesting. Why on earth is this considered a delicacy? Then I met my oyster loving husband. He always ordered oysters if it was on the menu. Having looked at him downing oysters for some time, I eventually asked to try one. Still tasted more slimy than nice. Sometime later I asked to try again and somehow I ended up ordering oysters for myself. open oyster

And not only enjoying them, but craving them. I would ask that we go to a restaurant where we were sure to find oysters. I later discovered that oysters contain a lot of goodies, like zinc and selenium, which we often lack in modern diets. I firmly believe my body identify these essential minerals and ask for them!

I will continue to explain how to order oysters and even how to prepare and eat them yourself! Oyster lovers, keep reading! Oyster photo from Wikipedia.

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