Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I want them all dead

A mole
I didn't exactly grow up on a farm. I'm more of a citygirl than I ever would like to admit. Now I live in a small village, more on the countryside and sometimes nature comes a bit too close...

When we moved here I soon realised that we had a problem with moles. Easy to spot molehills, those mounds of earth on a line in your garden.... Of course, in the beginning I wanted to try the soft approach. Those cute little moles!  Get them away from the garden, but not kill them, just scare them. We tried vibrating sticks, putting smelly garlic and as time went on, the moles were becoming less cute in my mind. I decided to take a more muscled approach to the problem and started documenting myself on the subject.

It was like entering Alice world of wonders, full of myths and legends, never knowing what is true or false. The remedies suggested were all fantastic... put broken glass in their holes, they bleed to death even with a small scratch.... pee in the holes, they can't stand the smell of humans... and so on and so on.

After a scientific search, examining various methods including explosives, poison and smoke, I concluded that traps seemed to be the best method to catch them. To kill them. Forget about being nice, this is us or the mole.... But so far they elude me. I retrieve the traps closed, but with no mole. Except one. So far....

To be continued.

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