Thursday, February 18, 2010

Armagnac IV - duck farmer Mounet

Yep, I carry on investigating the treasures of the Armagnac region. Today I visited the Mounet duck farm in Eauze - which is actually just outside Aquitaine because it is in the Gers region. But let’s not be picky: this farm has won many medals for the quality of their foie gras.

First of all, Monique and Bernard Molas, the owners, are friendly and smiling. Secondly, you very soon feel how much they care about their animals. Third, the place is beautiful, set on a height with fields and forest all around. Fourth, the foie gras we tried was absolutely fantastic. And I tell you, I have been eating some good foie gras around here! Needless to say, we did not leave this place without buying some of their merchandise... whole goose foie gras, duck confit, pure duck rillettes, duck scratchings, wine duck stew... They never go to any markets because they sell all their products just like that, on the farm!

They have set up a walk around the farm to show their different animals and teach you some about goose, ducks and the Gers region in general. In case you wonder, no photos of any ducks or goose, because they pond during winter and the first batch of ducklings arrive in a month. The peak of production is at the end of the year - right in time for Christmas and New Years Eve.

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