Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Summer kitchen - part of the bare necessities? (2)

Rhune view from their house

Nathalie and Henri in Urrugne are not much for making things halfway. Can't have a pool without a summer kitchen beside it. Can't have a summer kitchen without the bare necessities. Like a heater, a barbecue and a plancha. And a draft beer dispenser and a wall set wine bottle opener and a coffee machine and a bottle dispenser and .... a dishwasher. That's what I call a good summer kitchen. All that, about 50 meters from their house....

But it isn't as crazy as it seems. In summertime we live outside, by the pool, and different ways to prepare meat always come handy.
They invited us to celebrate the kitchen with some friends and food... a selection of what we had in the photos.

Oysters of course

Mussel and shell stew

Traditional basque cake with black cherry jam




The pool house but before the sliding doors where there


  1. Je prends des idées pour notre future piscine ( On creuse Mercredi prochain)
    Tout est beau, cadre et cuisine...Hum...On viendrait bien faire un petit tour.

  2. just love oyster...hmmm yummy...


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