Friday, February 19, 2010

Listen to French radio on the Internet

Internet is fantastic. If you have a connection you can now listen to the same radios I listen to in my car here in France... and get a feeling for what Frenchmen listen to every day. Because even today, when artists like Lady Gaga and Madonna are to be heard in most countries, the local radio still reflects the local culture.

Among my personal preferences you'll find the radio RTL2, with classic pop music and NRJ, with a rockier sound. You can also try Zoneradio where you find no less than 19 different French radios to listen to online!

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  1. Ja, internet är fantastiskt! Jag lyssnar ofta på italiensk webradio men ska definitivt prova att "ratta in" RTL2!
    Kram från Lotta


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