Friday, May 28, 2010

Like a squirrel in a tree

Tree house Menoy in Léon
The little tree house.

I never had a tree house of my own, but I still remember the giant oak tree where I went to play with my little sister. Someone had installed a wooden platform high up and the only possible entrance was through a rope with knots. We climbed up, pulled up the rope and felt safe. We stayed up there for hours, feeling like we owned the world.

Last week I was happy to bring my children to a somewhat similar experience. We went to stay the night in a real tree house, very confortable, close to the Lake Léon, Les Cabanes du Menoy. We had beautiful calm weather and enjoyed our squirrel experience fully!  Let me tell you the story in a few photos. A dream for all of you who have kept enough of the spirit of a child to marvel at this special place. In the evening we all sat together on the terrace, listening at all the different sounds from the forest.

The tree houses are made by Nid Perché without harming the trees in any way.

Our tree house
Our big tree house

Stairs to tree house
Here we take the stairs up...
View from the tree house
... to get to this view

The terrace
... and relax and listen to the birds...

On one side we look at the the trees....
on the other we have a view over a small pond. At night, the frogs went wild from time to time and made us all laugh.

Sketching a tree house
Other children have made drawings of the tree house, so Clara went outside, sat down in the grass and started sketching.

Children reading on the terrace
Then a calm moment reading.

What is this
What is this? The best part!

Rope with a basket
At the end of the rope.....

A breakfast basket
... a breakfast basket!

Filled with coffee, hot chocolate, juice, bread, fresh croissants.....

Homemade jam in jars
... and home made jam in the cutest little jars I ever saw.

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  1. Fabuleux, fabuleux, fabuleux...Il n'y a pas d'autres mots. Pour découvrir toutes tes bonnes idées, va falloir que je demande à mon employeur une année sabbatique...


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