Sunday, May 9, 2010

Surf week with Mamas Surf Club in Biarritz

The members of Mamas Surf Club posing
My Swedish friend Johanna is organizing the most amazing surf week - for women only! I myself tried surfing for the first time last summer, at 40, and it was an incredible experience. You easily think that surfing is only for young, strong men in their twenties, but, as Johanna says, everybody can surf! Most important, you have fun all the way along the learning process...

Johanna is Swedish, married to surf legend Christophe Reinhardt and certified surf teacher. She has put together a dream come true week with lots of surfing, lots of excellent French food, yoga, shopping....  only 14 happy will be able to sign in!

Check her blog to see the full program from 5th of June to 12th of June 2010. There you also find the tales of Taryn and Wilma about starting to surf... Mamas Surf Club, getting the women out of the kitchen into the surf!

Mamas Surf Club Week full program
Read about the beginning of the Mamas Surf Club with Christophe Reinhardt
Extract: So with his background as French champion and big wave hellman, how did he feel about scouring the coast for the smallest possible wave with a group of forty year old women. Some of whom - I’ll stand up and be counted - were terrified of a knee-high shore break....

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  1. Pour moi, ce serait du bonheur de participer à ce stage mais travail oblige donc ce ne sera pour l'instant qu'un rêve de surfer sur les vagues....


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