Thursday, May 13, 2010

N10, the ugliest highway I know

Trucks on N10 in Landes
Normally I only write about things I love about Aquitaine and trust me, I will continue. But writing about the N10 highway is an indirect way to write about something I love.

The N10 is part of the great North-South transport axis that runs from Paris to Spain. On the map it looks like drawn with a ruler, cutting a straight line through Landes, my region. The road runs through the flattest part of a region known to be flat, surrounded only by pine forest and some corn fields and crowded with transportation trucks. It is a desolating sight.

For many people, this is Landes. Flat, ugly, boring. I fully understand if they press harder on the accelerator to hurry get past this part.

I am writing this hoping to convince you to take one more look! Leave that ugly road and you will be surprised. Landes is not as flat as you think, it is full of mysteries to discover, and the pines.... well, I have had some of my happiest moments in the pine forest. In a couple of posts I will tell you more about the pine forest, one of the defining elements of Landes.

Photo Wikipedia. North part of N10.

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  1. C'est effectivement une route longue et droite.
    Il y a de nombreuses choses plus belles à visiter et à regarder. Moi je suis toujours impressionnée par les forêts de pins. On se croirait dans un conte de fées...


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