Saturday, June 12, 2010

11 beaches and a mytical lover's nest in Anglet

The lighthouse in Biarritz, seen from the Chambre d'Amour Beach in Anglet. Photo Ernult

Chambre d'Amour is the name of a famous cavern at the south end of the beaches in Anglet. According to the myth, a young couple, he a poor orphan and she the daugher of a rich farmer, meet in secret in the cavern close to the sea. One stormy day the tide rose faster than usual and the two got caught inside and drowned. People still go to see the cavern, but if you're not interested in caverns, you should still go to Anglet.

The cave Chambre d'Amour. Photo Josephik

An elevated lane follows the eleven beaches that stretches for 4,5 kilometres. At the end you see the Biarritz light house far up on the cliff and the mountains behind. Beautiful.
There are also cafés and restaurants all along this lane and in summertime the mood here is very festive with lots of people, families mixing with young surfers.

The city of Anglet has a lot of family feeling about it, reputed for good schools and nice residential areas with beautiful houses, it attracts families. The urbanisation has apparently been less regulated here, so it does not have the same charm and chic as Biarritz and Bayonne, but the situation, the beach area and the protected forest area Chiberta makes it a perfect vacation spot.
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  1. J'entends beaucoup parler d'Anglet mais nous ne connaissons pas vraiment. Encore une visite à prévoir dans le calendrier...

  2. Hi,
    I have just discovered Cap Ferret on the internet and have fallen in love with the photos! I want to go with a motorhome with my husband and 3 year-old daughter. Unfortunately it will have to be in July (high season). Can you recommend beautiful sandy beaches that are not rough for small children and also not overcrowded? Can you also recommend a beautiful campsite, preferably with a view of the ocean/bay. We really appreciate a panoramic view and some privacy.
    Thank you for your help!

  3. Hi! Me too I love Cap Ferret and the Arcachon Bay! I don't really know about the campsites around there, but I really recommend the site link you find on my site on the right when you scroll down, Aquitaine, the south at its best.This is the official site for the regional tourist committée and here you find all about Accomodation with a very good search function. Go to Accomodation, Campsites and then make your choices... look at Bassin d'Arcachon (includes Cap Ferret) but also check Littoral médocain (north of Cap Ferret) and Littoral Landais (south of Cap Ferret). I would suggest a campsite on the inside of the Arcachon Bay - choose show search results by map - OR, very interesting when you have small children, one of the big lakes, like the Biscarosse Lake or Lacanau. These huge lakes have fantastic white sandy beaches too and are much more calm, warm and protected. Good luck!


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