Thursday, June 24, 2010

Simple pleasures

There are many out there to try to convince us that we need so much to be happy. Especially to buy things - and most of all to buy toys for our children. The more expensive, the better.

In my experience, my children are never happier than when they are discovering things in nature. It doesn't have to be something impressive, like the ocean or the mountains. Looking at butterflies, ants and bugs go a long way.

We are happy to have a garden that borders a forest. This playground keeps them occupied for hours and hours.

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  1. Il est bien vrai que les choses les plus simples sont souvent le plus appréciées. J'ai souvenir que les filles adoraient jouer avec les spatules en bois, mon essoreuse à salade et mes tupperwares...alors pourquoi se tortiller l'esprit pour trouver le cadeau qui fera plaisir.


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