Monday, June 7, 2010

Teich, the bird paradise

Teich and its ornitological parc is the place to make you interested in birds, if you're not already into birds. You find this protected area next to the Arcachon Bay, a bay rich in fish and a great feeding stop for migrating birds. Among many others, here you'll find a great population of cranes.

The parc area of 120 ha stretches over several different water landscapes, from drier parts with forest and meadows towards the sea through wetlands and lagons, which means that you can find any kind of bird here, no matter what living conditions they prefer.

There are differents paths proposed, a super short of about 200 metres, a medium of 2 km and a long of 4 km. Along the paths you find view points and explanatory signs, pictures of the most common birds and some information about their habits.

Silver heron with a fish catch. Photo Phil033 Flickr.

When I went there last spring with the children, we tried the medium path. Parts of it is surrounded by bushes, planted both to offer protection and hiding places for the birds as well as berries and insects.  We felt like being in a cocoon with birds singing all around us - although we don't see most of them - and here and there comes openings towards water points. Very, very peaceful.

We had only one pair of binoculars - you can rent them - so the children took turns looking at the birds. Each new bird became a discovery! Look, a swan! There swims a duck! We studied the mighty cranes, high up hatching their newly  laid eggs. We entered the covered sighting places, to watch without being seen. Here comes a high gaggling sound .... it is the cranes!

Afterwards we had a picnic by the little pond just outside the parc. The water was chilly, but the place must be really nice in summer, to have a little swim after the birds and maybe even an icecream from the little hut next to it.

White storks. Picture Wikipedia.  

Exciting to watch witout being seen...

Peaceful too.

Curious duck!

The little pond just outside the parc.


  1. But be warned - don't do the 4km walk in the middle of summer without several bottles of water, which is the mistake we made a couple of years ago!

  2. Cui...Cui...A tire d'ailes, il faut aller visiter ce lieu. Par contre quelle est la meilleure saison pour voir le plus d'oiseaux possibles ?

  3. Hi Lesley! Thanks for the advice, since the longer walk is what I want to do next time we go there!

    Armelle, I think the best time to go there is during the migration periods, which is spring and autumn. But since the parc has many many resident birds, I think you can enjoy going there any time of the year. Maybe you see more birds when there are less leaves on the bushes? Also, even though there are explanatory signs, I would appreciate to go there on a guided tour, with someone who can identify all the birds... we tried but it wasn't that easy!


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